Here’s Why Conventional Medicine Fails to Diagnose Candida Symptoms. Doctors will either tell you there’s no such thing as Candida, or that it’s impossible to diagnose, why?

Because Your Symptoms Will Be Different Depending on Where The Candida Fungus Decides to Reside in your Body.

As you’ll soon learn on this web-site, once Candida goes systemic, it’s loose in your blood-stream, and the fungus can take up residence in all kinds of places. Take the brain for example: Candida is one of the few things that can actually cross the blood-brain barrier.

When the fungus takes off in the brain and sets up it’s mycelium (mushroom) like network in your brain, the most common symptoms are depression, anxiety, and foggy thinking.

I know when you read the following you may be skeptical and say “Oh, but these symptoms can be caused by many different things”, and yes you could be right.

A quick search on a medical website or wiki will show these symptoms and more, in fact there are thought to be over 100 different symptoms that can be expressed in someone with Candida. It all depends on where the fungus is located. The initial stages of a Candida infection will often involve the gut, mouth and urinary tract.


Common Symptoms of Candida Yeast Infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection Male Yeast Infection Vaginitis
Thrush Fatigue Low Sex Drive
Anxiety Bloating Ear Ache
Drepression Foggy Thinking Gas
Itching Sinus Inflammation Athlete's Foot
Acne Irritability Chronic Pain
Hyperactivity Dizziness Muscle Weakness
Migraine Sore Throat Diarrhea

As Soon As The Fungus Reaches Your Bloodstream It Can Travel All Around The Body To Other Vital System: the Brain, Reproductive System, Nervous System, and More!

As the infection becomes more widespread the symptoms become more varied and include:
Sugar and alcohol cravings, as well as cravings for
carbohydrate-rich foods 
(bread, pasta, rice, etc…)


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