Pathogenic Candidiasis Is A Serious Systemic Disorder That Must Be Treated In a Timely Manner

Candidiasis is NOT a localized problem with your genitals, mouth, head, muscles, etc., and that is why killing the local fungus, fighting the rash or reducing the redness will never work to completely cure your Candida yeast overgrowth.

Candidiasis is a systemic problem. It’s a symptom of an internal disorder that affects your whole body and manifests as skin disorders, digestive problems, migraines, etc.

Candidiasis is simply a big warning sign that something inside your body is wrong and needs to be corrected. Failing to diagnose and fix this problem in a timely manner can result in far more severe and chronic disorders, which can seriously endanger your health.

Medications, Anti-Fungals and Creams Don’t Work!

Drugs, anti-fungals and creams are symptoms focused and will eventually weaken your immune system and practically shut down your body’s alarm system, thus making your Candida condition worse in the long run.

The only way pathogenic candidiasis is able to develop is when your natural intestinal environment is out of balance which is also called intestinal dysbiosis.

Intestinal dysbiosis happens when our body is assaulted beyond its natural ability to maintain internal homeostasis (balance or harmony).

Any effective cure must always be focused on removing the underlying cause of intestinal dysbiosis and helping your body detox and return to its original and natural state of healthy homeostasis.

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