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Vaginal Yeast Infection: Treatment & prevention by Dr Astha Dayal (Gynaecologist) | 1mg

Vaginal Yeast Infection: Treatment & prevention by Dr Astha Dayal (Gynaecologist) | 1mg

Vaginal itching and white discharge is a very common problem faced by females of all ages.
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0:06 – What is vaginal infection
0:32 – Causes of vaginal infection
0:54 – Treatment of vaginal infection
1:10 – Prevention of vaginal infection

Dr Astha Dayal, a well-known gynecologist discusses important facts about vaginal itching and discharge. She answers the following common questions:

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What causes itchy vaginal lips?
What sexually transmitted diseases make you itch?
What are the causes for vaginal itching and white discharge?

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The most common cause of this condition is a yeast or candida or fungal infection. It is recurrent and can occur even after treatment and hence can take a long time to be treated completely

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Risk factors for the yeast infection:
High sugar intake
A course of antibiotics
Family history of diabetes
Females with PCOD (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

Recommended treatment:
Anti-fungal ointment
Anti-fungal tablets
Home-based remedies include using coconut oil locally – but it may not be an effective form of treatment.

Preventive measures
Keep the area dry – always dab the area dry after every wash
Always clean from front to back
Avoid synthetic underwear and tight jeans in summers
Wear airy clothes
When sweating, change your undergarments twice
Ask you doctor for an anti-fungal cream if taking a dose of antibiotics
Reduce intake of sweets and sugar to reduce the frequency of the infection

Is the infection contagious? Can you spread it to your partner?
It can occur in unmarried females
It is not considered as a sexually transmitted disease or STD but it can be transferred to your partner in case of both protected and unprotected sex leading to same symptoms in the partner

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