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Candida albicans microbiology – microscopic examination,cuture(laboratory diagnosis)

Candida albicans microbiology – microscopic examination,cuture(laboratory diagnosis)

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I’m medical laboratory scientist. This video is about candida albicans microbiology – microscopic examination,cuture(laboratory diagnosis)

This video include –
what kind of specimens we use for laboratory diagnosis of candida albicans????

Direct microscopic examinations and culture technique for candida albicans

How to differentiate candida albicans from other candida species????

Exudates, Tissues, Scrapings

-Direct microscopic examination
Fresh scrapings in KOH from infected skin and gram – stained sputum shows small, oval,thin-walled budding yeast cells and pseudohyphae

-Macroscopic characteristics
sabouraud dextrose agar
colony is rapidly growing,smooth,soft,shiny and cream in colour, accompanied by a distinctive yeast odour.Old stocks give wrinkled and folded cultures
chromagar- green colour colonies

-Microscopic characteristics
On sabouraud’s detrose agar,structures are almost entirely restricted to budding cells with scanty or no mycelium. The cells are thin-walled,non-encapsulated, spherical (8-12micrometer) or slightly ovoid blastospores.Where aeration is poor ,however,mycelium and pseudomycelium may occur in the subsurface growth

-Identification of albicans
Germ Tube Test: produce germ tube test within 2 hours when incubated in human serum at 37°C.
Biochemical Tests

1,3-beta-D-glucan assay
DNA probe and PCR

Candida albicans- An Overview
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