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Gut Health Yeast Infection Candida | Ali Kamenova Yoga

Gut Health Yeast Infection Candida | Ali Kamenova Yoga

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This is a very helpful article that is a must-read if you are of the opinion that fruit causes diabetes. Fruit has shown to have a protective effect and it can prevent or reverse diabetes
Mastering Diabetes
I have had great blood sugar tests 30 -60 minutes after having pure honey due to my lower in fats diet which allows the sugar to go straight into my muscle cells and out of the bloodstream. When our dietary fat intake is lower the carbs we eat convert into energy very fast. If we eat simple sugars such as honey or easily to digest sweet fruits we get an immediate energy conversion. In contrast, if our fat intake is high and we have honey that can raise our blood sugar levels and keep them high for a while.
The reason why fruit is your best choice is two-fold. Fruit cleanses the gut and helps you detox and it is also a whole food that provides you with abundant energy whilst it is low in fat.
Keeping your fat intake at 10ish % can help you during the healing stage as it will regulate blood sugar and you can begin to establish a healthy bacterial flora.
For yeast infection, it is best to have less fat and more fruit until it is gone. A brazil nut a day is great for your selenium levels. Getting enough greens will provide you with plenty of omega 3s, as well as magnesium, calcium, iron and other minerals.
Dates are best avoided during the healing stage. Once your bacterial flora is great then dates can be very beneficial to health. It is better if they are very fresh.
#freeyoga #homeworkout #alikamenova
You can research Boron Deficendes in the soil and in our diet and Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories.
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Pure Boric Acid

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