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3 Dog Yeast Infection Home Remedies and Treatments

3 Dog Yeast Infection Home Remedies and Treatments

Yeast infections are a fairly common skin condition in dogs. They are typically not something to worry about, but you should seek veterinary care to get this condition cleared up as soon as possible. There are a few dog yeast infection home remedy options that have been shown to be effective.

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If the red, itchy skin is accompanied with a foul smell, it’s very likely that your dog has a yeast infection. Dog yeast infection home remedy treatments may get rid of a yeast infection in dogs, but your vet can also prescribe a topical cream to help treat the condition quickly.

“Avoid oatmeal shampoos, because the oatmeal will actually feed the yeast. Use an anti-fungal shampoo or an herbal shampoo with ingredients that feature natural anti-fungal properties (like tea tree oil). Be sure to work the shampoo into the affected area, and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.”