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Natural remedy for yeast infection (candida)!

Natural remedy for yeast infection (candida)!

Hey ladies,

This video is all about candida aka a yeast infection (thrush) and what natural remedies to use.

Please note: if you are experiencing a reoccurring yeast infection, please see your doctor OR naturopath. This could be a sign of something bigger. If you are a sugar/carb junkie I would highly recommend cutting these out as you are feeding the candida!

I talk about one probability of experiencing candida overgrowth which is having parasites. I am talking from experience as I recently found out I’ve had parasites in my system for 12 YEARS!!!! I’ve experienced all kinds of health issues from parasites which I may post a video on. The health issues arising from having parasites in your system are NO JOKE! They can potentially lead to having cancer too. Please get checked out if you think you have a parasite. You can even get parasites from eating PORK!

So, the 3 remedies I recommend can be used during the day or night BUT i highly recommend doing these at night so you can sleep while your treating your body…

Besides these remedies, I would also recommend adjusting your diet so you are eliminating sugar/yeast/carbs. I would be eating plain or slightly sweetened yoghurt as the good bacteria will help kill off the candida.

Another thing I don’t mention in the video is heavy metal toxicity! This absolutely can play a part in reoccurring yeast infections. I use Coseva TRS to detox from heavy metals. Here is the link to purchase:

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Thank you for watching!