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Sick, Fat & Tired | My Transformation Story | Candida & Leaky Gut Syndrome

Sick, Fat & Tired | My Transformation Story | Candida & Leaky Gut Syndrome

I Used To Be Fat, Unhappy & Depressed | My Transformation Story

This is my RAW and UNCUT version of my transformation story. I hope you all come to find this is not about LOOKS – it is about the importance of living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Girl in the before picture: Unhappy, Sick Mind and Insides, which led to fat gain that I hated and felt uncomfortable with.

Girl in the after picture: Happy, Healthy Mind and Body which results in looking great on the outside!

This took a LOT of courage for me to post – please comment nicely, I’ll be honest – i will NOT tolerate negative feedback on this video – AT ALL. This video is to show you guys that I dealt with struggles of weight loss and that i have not always been super fit with abs.

Any questions about my journey, please post them below!

Thank you for your love and support!

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