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☑ Candida Yeast Infection | SkinnyUp!™

☑ Candida Yeast Infection | SkinnyUp!™
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Candida Yeast Infection | SkinnyUp!™

0:18 Candida Yeast Diet
1:04 Candida Yeast Fungal Overgrowth
2:12 Adrenal Exhaustion
4:13 SkinnyUp!™ Protocol

Have you ever wondered why it is that you could only go for so much time and pretty soon you would want pizza or beer or Coca-Cola or simply a piece of bread? The bottom line is that Candida, which is actually a Yeast or an overgrowth from the body is the cause of that problem.

Candida is the cause of all of the cravings that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Remember, when you have a Yeast or overgrowth in the body, you have to understand that it has a life of its own. It’s telling you that you’ll either eat that Big Mac or else I’m going to drive you until you do eat it.

What could Candida cause in the body?

In my opinion, the #1 thing is adrenal exhaustion. You will notice when waking up in the morning, you are very tired. It is an overgrowth of Yeast that is causing the constant tiredness.

With SkinnyUp!™, the big idea is to be on a diet once and we want that to be the last diet we would ever have.

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