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Candida Diet | Why It Can't Cure Candida Alone

Candida Diet | Why It Can't Cure Candida Alone

You can’t cure candida with the candida diet alone.

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You can’t cure candida with a diet alone. I know that is very disturbing to a lot of patients who suffer from candida and have been following the diet very strictly. But it’s not just myself who has found that following the diet alone can help reverse the candida symptoms. Dr. Marjorie Crandall in California has been a PhD researcher on candida for over 30 years.

Dr. Mitchell had a very long discussion with Dr. Crandall regarding his clinical findings and she fully agreed that patients that follow the diet alone struggle to truly reverse their candida because they really need their doctor to rebalance their system.

What I’ve found, in patients I’ve take care of here in New York and around the country, is that the patients are following the diet so stricly and not deviating at all – not even a piece of bread or candy – and, yet, they are still struggling whether it’s candida vaginitis or it’s their irritable bowel that is related to candida or things like brain fog.

Is there any hope? What should a candida patient do.
There is. At Mitchell Medical Group, we have found that the 3-step process has been extremely beneficial to patients with candida.

What we find is – yes, the diet is still important. No wheat, sugar, milk, cheese and alcohol for at least a month. And those are things that are important so it doesn’t feed into the candida overgrowing.

The other components of our program which we have found to be effective is the use of anti-fungals. We also use vitamin and antioxidant injections or IV therapy which helps the liver cleanse the candida from the body. And finally, one of the things that we do which is quite special is the candida sublingual drops (SLIT). These boost your own immunity so your body is able to fight off the candida and keep it balanced.

And all of these steps allow you to later on loosen up the diet and have a more regular diet. We’re not telling patients to eat pizza or candy every day but to have a more balanced diet.

If you suffer from candida don’t be discouraged if you have been following the diet strictly for weeks or months and are not seeing significant improvement. You are not alone. You need to work with your doctor. Ask them for help so you can help yourself get better from candida.

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