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The Candida Diet: Complete Info and Diet Plans

The Candida Diet: Complete Info and Diet Plans

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What is Candida? Candida, or its scientific name Candida albicans, is an opportunistic pathogenic yeast that is a common member of the human gut flora. Candida does not proliferate on the outside of the human body and it is detected in the gastrointestinal tract and mouth roughly in 40~60% of healthy adults. Common symptoms of Candida include oral thrush, which is the gooey white substance you sometimes can find on your tongue, sinus infection, skin and nail infections, unexplained fatigue or constant tiredness and genital or urinary tract infections and other inflammatory related symptoms.

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The candida diet is a strict diet method that eliminates sugar, gluten, alcohol and dairy products which are believed to be the source of growth of candida.

It is very important to remember that Candida LOVES feeding on sugar and must be cut out from your body in order to exterminate it.

Foods not allowed during the Candida diet
→ Sugar, gluten grains or veges, beef, pork, dairy and vinegar

Foods only allowed during the Candida diet
→ Green veges, log GI fruits, gluten-free grains, lean fish, eggs, nuts and anti-fungal spices and herbs

There may be some side effects of the Candida diet due to by-products produced from rapid kills of fungus within the body. Some known side effects are headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, joint and muscle aches, rash and fever. Discontinue the diet if side effects start to occur and make sure to visit your doctor if severity increases.

Tips for those who wish to begin the Candida Diet

1. First, try the diet for just 2 weeks to see how your body reacts. If you don’t experience any side effects, maybe continue for another 2 weeks. Some even do more than a month.
2. If side effects are severe, ease back to normal diet and then return to Candida diet. If side effects don’t go away in few days, consult your physician immediately.
3. 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off is recommended if you’re new to the diet.
4. Drink plenty of water for detox cleanse.
5. Eat lots of food that contain high antioxidants to combat the by-products mentioned above.
6. Also, consider taking Vitamin C or doubling dosage to support antioxidative system in your body.
7. Detox happens in liver, so take milk thistle or dandelion roots to support liver health.
8. Exercise or do an extra cardio to make sure you are letting out all the toxins through sweat.
9. Take probiotics to support healthy gut flora.


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