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7 Day Water Fast (Why, How, Candida, Tips)

7 Day Water Fast (Why, How, Candida, Tips)

OM Detox Cleanse:
I am not a dietician, qualified practitioner or have any credentials in the world of health so this video is not to be interpreted as advice in substitution to that of your family practitioner. I am simply a girl on a journey to health and I am sharing with you what I learn along the way, as I said in the video, what may be right to me now may be wrong to me in the future as I learn more. So please remember that nothing is set in stone and I am always open to learning more and sharing different perspectives and informations.

OM Detox (Do the questionnaire to see if you’re a candidate for a detox):

Netflix UK + Ireland Documentary “The Retreat”

Konjac sponge for skin:

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