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Is Candida Cleanse Good For Toe Nail Fungus?

Is Candida Cleanse Good For Toe Nail Fungus?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, Naturopath. Thank you for coming back. I always appreciate viewers, and I really appreciate subscribers, but anyone. These videos are made anybody. But I would really like people to subscribe to this channel because this channel is going to be a lot more over time, so get in there guys and join up and sign up, and you’ll, hopefully, get some notifications on new videos coming out.

Let’s talk about toenail fungus, one of my favorite topics. I remember once when I was at a conference about four or five years ago, and one of my friends said to me, oh, there’s Dr. Bakker, the guy who likes to, he’s got a big interest in fungus. He loves fungus with people for some crazy reason. I said, yep, I love it. Toenail fungus is my favorite. Then, people give me this weird look when you say things like that.

Toenail fungus is a huge problem, people, a huge problem. I see it so many times in patients. Every time when I used to have people come into my room, because I work virtually now, I would ask them to show me their feet, especially their toes. I like to look at their toes. You’d be surprised how many people have got toenail fungus.

It’s actually staggering. I think it’s a big problem, especially in America and Europe where wear covered footwear all the time. Toenail fungus doesn’t occur in third world countries much at all because people walk around bare feet, they’re getting a lot of sun exposure, water exposure, air exposure. It’s hard for fungus to thrive in the situation.

If you have got toenail fungus, please watch my videos on toenail yeast issues because it’s a problem, and you can overcome this problem. I had terrible toenail fungus on all my toes when I was younger, and it looked hideous. I used to hide it. Slowly but surely, I got all of that when my gut cleared up.

So, is a candida cleanse good for toenail fungus? It’s fantastic for toenail fungus and cleansing. In fact, if you’ve got an issue with more than one or two toenails, particularly if you’ve got feet, multiple toes with toenail fungus, you’ll want to do a gut cleanse, all right?

The best toenail treatment, the best toenail recoveries I’ve ever seen are where people stopped drinking all alcohol for 12 months, and they clean up their digestive system a lot, and they used antimicrobial. Many people have used my candida formulations now for cleaning up their gut. I’ve seen several cases where they had a seriously bad toenail problem recover after the gut was cleaned up.

If you’ve got a minor case of toenail fungus, you may not need digestive treatment, but I would still recommend you do it, if it’s not amenable to treatment, so, if the toenail improves, but then goes back, and improves, it goes back. If you’ve got a big toenail, for example, that’s been like that for years and years, do the Candida Crusher Diet, okay? Do the Medi Diet. Follow my program and you watch what happens to your toenails. You’ll clean them all up.

They’ll all get nice and clean. You won’t have to hide anymore, hide in them in shoes and things.

It will be nice in summertime when you’re out with your friends, you’re out there on the beach or at a barbecue, and you’ve got nice beautiful feet. It’s really, really nice, when you’ve got nice feet. It’s really embarrassing when you’ve got really manky-looking, curly toenails, and you look like something out of Lord of the Rings or something, like some type of creature from the Blue Lagoon.

You don’t want to look like that. Pretty hard to pick up a partner if you’ve got manky-looking feet too, isn’t it? It’s smelly, filthy, disgusting toenails. I mean, I didn’t think I’d like to be in the same bedroom with somebody with toenails like that. I would make me feel a bit funny.

But anyway, there you have it. Candida cleansing and toenail fungus, yes, definitely. Thanks for tuning in, and please subscribe.