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Chronic Prostatitis Is Often Caused by Candida

Chronic Prostatitis Is Often Caused by Candida

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Research has shown that around 80 percent of men with chronic prostatitis respond to anti-fungal medicines, and NOT antibiotics.

Researchers in a study on fungal treatment for prostatitis feel that doctors currently entirely underestimate the role of a fungal infection as a causative factor in prostatitis, especially in younger men. Guys – check out CanXida Remove if you have chronic prostatitis.


Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. I’m doing a video today on prostatitis. I’ve just received another comment through on the YouTube requesting if I’d put out some more information on this particular topic. Lots of guys I’ve seen over the year suffer from pain, super pubic pain, like pain in the pubic area, pain running down the legs, pain with urination, pain with ejaculation, just pain. Pain in that area can be a dull, low grade pain but many, many men have this.

I read a very interesting study just before that was published only in 2013 in a European journal of urology where they stated that over 80% of people who have potentially chronic prostatitis respond very, very well, to antifungals, not antibacterials. So antibiotics are usually quite useless when it comes to treating prostatitis and, in fact, it’s not a really good idea to open a prescription or a case with an antibiotic when you have a prostate problem.

Because all you’re gonna do is blow that whole gut to pieces, create a Sibo problem or more of an intestinal candidiasis situation and you don’t want that at all. So the other interesting thing is, I’ve found that if it’s a bacterial prostatitis you’ve got a much higher chance of having an elevated PSA reading, prostate serum antigen, which should be very low by default.

But if it’s quite elevated it can signify a bacteria in the prostate region and this can sometimes really cause problems with doctors who interpret this high PSA as a cancer and may treat for cancer instead of a prostate that’s inflamed. So I’ll put a link for some study below so you can see that in the description box but my recommendation, guys, if you’ve got prostatitis, is try to treat with an antimicrobial.

So, using an antifungal product, don’t use an antibacterial product. So this study I looked at involved around about a thousand guys with chronic prostatitis and, these men, the average age was 34 years of age. So eight percent of men who go to a urologist complaining of a urinary problem, in fact, have a prostatitis, which could be acute or chronic.

So, yeah, there you have it. If you’ve got a prostate issue and it’s painful and it’s sore, obviously, you need to get checked out for STDs but take an antifungal product. Don’t take an antibacterial product, okay? The other tip I’ll give you with burning urination or pain is to take some potassium citrate capsules or tablets to alkalize the uri, which will make it more comfortable if you’ve burning or stinging or pain or any kind of sensations down there and it’s hurting when you’re urinating, try some potassium citrate because it can give you more comfort.

The other thing that you could try if it’s bacterial, I know some men use this, is D-Mannose powder. It’s used more for urinary tract infections involving bacteria but it can help some guys to calm that whole urinary area down, especially if it’s a bacterial problem.

Candida is notoriously hard to culture in uri, it’s difficult. So many doctors get it wrong. Many labs get it wrong. They can’t find candida, yet remember, 80%, 80% of chronic prostatitis sufferers respond very well to antifungal, all right? Just keep that in mind.

That was my tip for the day. Have an awesome day. Thanks for tuning in and please subscribe. Thank you.