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Alcohol's Affect on a Gut With Candida

Alcohol's Affect on a Gut With Candida

Alcohol’s Affect on a Gut With Candida

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How harmless can one beer or a glass of wine be to Candida? Well, even just a few sips of alcohol can cause your Candida to flare up. Dr. J here to offer a better understanding of alcohol’s effect on a gut with candida.

Let’s be real, we cannot generalize all alcohol or assume everyone’s Candida overgrowth is at the same level of severity. Some alcohols are very sugary, and others have close to no sugar in them. But if you don’t have your diet in check, lack strong immunity, other infections under control, and gut permeability then you may very well be prone to flare-ups. Dr. J explains how alcohol affects our gut, can worsen Candida inflammation, how it creates low B1 or B6, and how he would test and treat Candida.

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