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Treating yeast infections naturally in your dog

Treating yeast infections naturally in your dog


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Most people have heard of the term yeast infection and may recognize that their dog has a yeast issue from the classic yeasty smell (a bit like moldy corn chips). While yeast is a normal organism that lives on the skin and in the ears of your dog, it can become a problem when your dogs body and immune system is out of balance in some way and is not able to keep the levels of yeast in check. Treating yeast in infections naturally involves not only targeting the over population of yeast but also correcting the imbalances internally that have lead to the development of the problem. Today we will look at some ways to treat yeast naturally so stay tuned.
Hi there Lyndall Pinchen Canine naturopath from canine vitality and welcome to my channel happy healthy dogs where its my passion to help you help your dog live a longer healthier life naturally. Thanks for being here and if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe if you choose and to click on the bell to be notified of all my upcoming videos.
Yeast infections are a very common and annoying infection that many dogs have issues with. While they can occur at anytime of year, hot and humid weather can make them more problematic. The yeast is a fungus that is found on the skin of your dog is known as Malassezia and as I mentioned before, this is a normal bug that lives on the skin of your dog. When everything is in harmony and balance, these yeasts do not cause issues. But if your dog’s immune or gut health become out of balance or compromised, it can allow the yeast to grow and overpopulate the skin. This leads to signs and symptoms such as skin redness or itching, sores, Greasy coat, Hair loss, classic yeasty smell on the skin, Thickening skin (sometimes referred to as elephant skin) , Crusty, flaky skin and recurring ear infections. Common areas include armpits and groin areas, ears, skin folds and paws. While there can be a number of reasons why your dog might be getting yeast infections, issues around the immune system such as allergies, and autoimmune diseases where drugs like steroids are being used can be triggers for yeast problems or where the immune system is underactive and other types of infections are also present.
Now while these types of infections can be treated using conventional antifungal drugs, it some cases the yeast can become resistant to the use of these drugs. And of course, any medications have potential to have side effects and further weaken your dog’s system. So what is the best way to approach treating yeast infections?? Well of course we need to look at natural antifungals to work directly on the yeast imbalance, but it goes deeper than that. We need to also look at the health of your dogs gut and immune system as this is at the root cause of the imbalance. Many of you know I talk a lot about leaky gut syndrome and the impact this has on your dogs body. Leaky gut can lead to a wide range of health issues including allergies and out of control yeast infections. So getting yeast back under control firstly involves looking at the health of your dog’s gut and working to bring this back into balance. And you can learn more about leaky gut syndrome in some of my other videos which I will link to in the description below. Needless to say though, that as we work to heal and balance the gut, this can significantly reduce the incidence of yeast and other infections.
Within this, one of the biggest and most important factors is DIET and if this is not properly addressed, it can nearly impossible to get back under control. What does an antifungal diet look like?? Well its based around good proteins fats and green leafy vegetables, and elimination of all grains and carbohydrates that actually break down to feed yeasts which rely on sugars to give them energy. And most of you know I love raw diets for dogs……essentially this is also an amazing antifungal diet too. And you can also add in foods such as organic coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and bone broth to help start the process of reducing the levels of yeasts in your dogs body.