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Yeast & Stress #Candida #YeastInfection #CandidaDiet

Yeast & Stress #Candida #YeastInfection #CandidaDiet (CLICK HERE TO ORDER)

Candida Cleanse: Candidiasis Cleansing To Remove Yeast Infections

#Candida #YeastInfection #CandidaDiet

We live in a toxic environment, with thousands of chemicals around us every day. The liver is responsible for breaking these poisons down for eventual elimination but with so many often the liver becomes clogged and sluggish. Helping this process along can have many benefits. By eliminating excess toxins we can experience clearer skin, increased energy, and better sleep. Our Slim Cleanse not only safely detoxifies the liver but the kidneys, bowel, and bladder and of course the colon as well. An added benefit to this formula is the fact that it contains natural, safe metabolic stimulants, making weight loss easier.

While on the subject of detox our Oxy Aloe Oral Detox is also a powerful systemic detoxifying agent because oxygen is the body’s primary detoxification method known as oxygen reduction. The use of one or two ounces of this preparation daily can increase energy and mental clarity. More info about best diet for candida coming in the weeks ahead so make sure to check back soon.
There are temporary benefits from avoid certain foods as far as reducing the severity of symptoms of candida while proceeding to eliminate the systemic candida problem. Changing your diet to greatly reduce sugary foods and white flour products will help with symptoms even though these changes will not ultimately solve the problem. Changing your diet can be of benefit on a temporary basis so understanding the foods to avoid such as concentrated sugars and starches can be of benefit. These changes can be a first step in a total program to beating candida, but if it is systemic it is only a first step.

Probiotics are often talked about extensively and they should be an important part of any candida program, especially if it is still localized. Probiotics naturally replace the good bacteria in the gut, which is the first line of control of the candida organism. Together with immune supportive and detox supportive supplements such as milk thistle and garlic, a good baseline support is possible. This however is only the first step towards controlling systemic yeast. Liquid oxygen, which raises the oxygen level of the soft tissues of the body, is essential in reaching all the outlying areas where the candida can overgrow. Oxygenation is essential if one wants to permanently beat candida once and for all. The Institute of Nutritional Science offers a formulation, which has been used for over 20 years in eliminating systemic candida and yeast without the use of dangerous drugs and ineffective diets. Preventing Candida Overgrowth from Re-Occurring Now that you are once again enjoying a healthier state of being and the synergistic balance of bacteria has been restored to your intestinal tract, it is important to understand what you need to do to ensure that you don’t become affected by this problem again in the future. If you need to take antibiotics again, for any reason, do so if needed, but always, always, always, re-implant the healthy bacteria back into the intestines by taking high potency Acidophilus capsules for 10 days after the last day of antibiotic use. If you are female and taking birth control pills, be sure and either consume bacterial foods such as yogurt, buttermilk, or take 2 to 4 capsules of multi-source Acidophilus capsules every day. If you should develop a localized vaginal yeast infection, use three ounces of our premixed oxygen liquid together with 3 ounces of warm water and douche, holding the fluid for 5 to 10 minutes, three times per week. This will likely, catch the problem before it has the chance to spread and once again become Systemic in nature. Males, if you should develop ‘jock itch’, or other fungal type of skin condition. Wash the genital area with a three percent Hydrogen Peroxide solution, available at drug stores, before and after every intercourse. Lastly, everyone, regardless of your age or health concerns, should be taking a Full Spectrum Nutrition product, which provides the body with at least the 122 known nutrients the body needs to maintain health and internal chemical balance.

You often hear about special foods to avoid and there are many dietary recommendations out there, each claiming to be the ultimate candida diet. Unfortunately there is no ultimate candida diet once the yeast overgrowth has become systemic. Let’s look at us logically; if the standard American diet was the cause of this problem, 90 percent of all Americans would have this problem! They don’t. This Full Spectrum formulation should consist of at least the following nutrients: 16 vitamin, 3 fatty acids, 70 minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The causes of candida are primarily antibiotic abuse, steroid medications, birth control medications, and a compromised gastrointestinal lining.