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Best treatment for vaginal yeast infections and candida – Vaginal Yeasts Infections

Best treatment for vaginal yeast infections and candida – Vaginal Yeasts Infections

Hi welcome to our YouTube channel, here’s today in this video we are going to teach you about VAGINAL YEAST INFECTION. Oxygenated water for hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that contains strong oxidizing properties and this solution currently has several uses. It is used as a whitening agent, as a disinfectant as an antiseptic and as an antifungal . Peroxide is even present in some freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables sets. But can hydrogen peroxide be used to treat the yeast on the nails. It is used as method of cleaning nails with yeast this is known as oxidative therapy, basically it is about the soaking the affected nail in the hydrogen peroxide until the yeast is destroyed due to a higher level of oxygen. It is really effective but only works hydrogen peroxide is allowed to penetrate the thick layers of the nail surface. I recommend wetting the nail in this solution for 30 minutes every day for a month to ensure that the nails is well impregnated with this liquid. It will be necessary to obtain a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide it is necessary that this is the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide and above all so that it does not provoke reactions on the skin. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of vinegar , especially if the treatment is on the feet. Soak the foot or feet in this solution for half an hour every day. It is important to do it for at least a month, to see the results you want, you can’t skip a single day. Also in this process should be performed every day without skipping one and may have to wait up to two months to see the results.

To know more about VAGINAL YEAST INFECTION please watch this full video.

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