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Candida glabrata Treatment Guidelines

Candida glabrata Treatment Guidelines — Candida Hub’s article on treating Candida glabrata. Also visit the site to find out about a natural cure for yeast infections that cures them in 12 hours!

Candida glabrata treatment guidelines are often the same as other species of Candida. Candida glabrata causes about 5% of all yeast infections; and, is the second most prevalent Candida species that causes infections. Candida albicans is responsible for about 80% of all yeast infections and is inherently more virulent. Since Candida glabrata is naturally more resistant to antifungal drugs, the increased use of these drugs has led to a spike in this yeast’s infection rate.

One reason Candida glabrata is not as aggressive as other types of Candida is that is does not grow hyphal germ tubes. Hyphal tendrils grown by other species of Candida help it to infect the body. Yet, despite the lack of virulent traits, Candida glabrata does cause a lot of deaths when it spreads to the blood. A yeast infection of the blood is known as Candidemia.

Most people who are at risk for Candidemia are immunocompromised individuals. HIV, cancer, chemotherapy, or severe sickness can all reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. If you are one of these people, make sure you see a doctor about your yeast infection. Candida glabrata can be dangerous if it gets into the blood.

If you do not have any immune system problems, Candida glabrata does not pose any serious immediate threat to your health. You can use natural medicine to rapidly eliminate this yeast from your gut, vagina, penis, or any place you’re experiencing an infection. Candida Hub has a vast amount of information on many natural remedies you can use to cure a yeast infection. Plus, you can find out about a treatment that uses natural remedies to cure a yeast infection in 12 hours at Candida Hub.

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