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10 Foods for Candida Treatment – Natural Cure

10 Foods for Candida Treatment – Natural Cure

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Bacterial vaginosis as you might already know, is one of the most common infections of the female reproductive system. This infection is caused by the imbalance in the vagina making bacteria grow in it. The vagina is protected by a delicate pH balance. Meaning to say, there is an optimum acidity that the vagina has to maintain in order to protect the reproductive system from harmful bacteria. Actually, there are good bacteria in the vagina but once a pH imbalance occurs, bad bacteria also start to grow.

The most common symptoms of this disease are discharge, foul odor and bacterial-vaginosis itching. For milder infections, though, symptoms may not show up. Bacterial vaginosis can affect any woman and this infection is not sexually transmitted. However, if a woman has this condition, the chances that she will acquire sexually transmitted disease increases. This is because the vagina is not protected anymore.

Treating this infection will not only relieve the woman from discharge, unpleasant smell, and bacterial vaginosis itching, but will also assure that the bacteria will not affect her uterus. Untreated BV may cause the bacteria to reach the cervix and uterus and cause complications during pregnancy.

Treatment can be acquired upon visiting a gynecolgist and asking for her advice. Usually, an antibiotic medicine is prescribed to patients and they can be in the form of creams or they may be taken orally. Some also treat bacterial vaginosis by using live yoghurt or lactobacillus acidophilus but the effectiveness is yet to be proven by medical research.