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Can I Take CanXida Even If I Don't Have A Yeast Infection For Gut Health?

Can I Take CanXida Even If I Don't Have A Yeast Infection For Gut Health?

Greetings, I am Eric Bakker, a Naturopath from New Zealand and I make gut related videos!

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Greetings, it’s Eric Bakker, a naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. Can you take the CanXida products even if you haven’t got a yeast infection, even if you haven’t got a small intestinal bowel overgrowth, even if you haven’t got irritable bowel syndrome? Can you take it? Of course you can take it, but you don’t really want to take therapeutic doses. If your gut’s in great shape like mine, if your bowel motions are normal, there’s no bloating or gas, you don’t have nothing weird going on there and you’ve got lots of energy and your sleep is good and you want to maintenance those, I would recommend one tablet per day.

I’ve got many, many patients I’ve seen over the years who still take one CanXida tablet per day, ongoing, just one. 60 days for one bottle. It’s not an expensive thing to maintain for awhile, especially for people who are going through transitional phases in their life. Like COVID, many people have lost their jobs. Many people are looking to start a whole new life. It’s destroyed lots of families. So when you’re going through low grade stress longterm, when you’re a job seeker or you’re broken up in a relationship or you’re going through turbulent times and you’re worried a bit about gut health, there is no problem in taking one CanXida Remove per day, one Restore and one Rebuild. Many people do it. It’s not a problem.