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Candida Case Study: 15 Maryanne Shocking Fungal Feet

Candida Case Study: 15 Maryanne Shocking Fungal Feet – Premium Range of Dietary Supplements for Candida Yeast Infections.

She was eating copious amounts of white bread. She was drinking wine. She was eating all the wrong kind of foods. And also, she’s living in a high stress environment because these people have got like million dollar plus debt on the dairy farm, like this massive debt. And the problem with dairy in this country is the payouts for the milk solids or the beef can fluctuate from low to very high. There’s a lot of anxiety for these people. They’re relying on corporate companies to pay them out good return on their product. They’re relying on the weather, which is crapping out on them all the time. They’re working long hours, high stress environments, so the coping mechanism for people like Maryanne and David, her husband, is to drink alcohol. It’s not a good idea.
I had a long discussion with Maryanne regarding how her lifestyle is contributing to her condition, but also her diet in particular. She needed to make changes. Her feet were at the point where she couldn’t really walk much anymore and they were just bleeding and painful. In fact, the skin under the heels was just about falling off. It was cracked. It looked terrible. It was absolutely awful, disgusting to see how much pain this poor woman was in and how disgusting the feet were.
The first thing I did was to try to get her out of the gumboots or the Wellingtons, I think we call them in England, rubber boots, was to look at a different kind of footwear for her. So we moved to things called Crocks or the rubberized shoes with openings in the front, which still offered her some protection, but they were much more open and to throw the socks away. I told her I didn’t want any socks until I got a really good cleansing effect of the skin and regeneration. It was quite difficult to get her not to wear socks because she had the feet that would be cold at times, which I found out where her thyroid was playing up, so we addressed that as a separate issue.

This continually working on different things. Every time she would come in, it would be a bit more on diet. Then other times she’d come in and work on her lifestyle. And then David would come in and we’d discuss how they needed to really get their son onboard with the dairy farm because they were getting a little bit older now. They needed to get someone onboard to help them out. They really understood the link between stress and poor immunity. It started to really click after several months of seeing them.
What I can tell you is, it took a long time to get this lady’s feet right, but they look really good now, and it’s incredible how they’ve improved. She’s no longer got pain. The fungal toenails are gone. There’s small cracking here or there, but it’s nothing like it was. The bleeding’s finished. All that painful oozing, that’s all finished now. It’s fantastic to see it. She’s also lost weight. Digestive system is cleared up, and she looks so much better and she’s so much happier. It was a fantastic outcome for Maryanne.
If you’re a person with fungal feet and you’re working in a condition like a factory or a process worker or a dairy farm or something like that, you need to understand you can’t keep your feet in these hot, humid wet environments for prolonged periods of time. And particularly, when you get a problem, you can’t drink alcohol and have lots of refined carbohydrates. You’re going to make a real mess out of yourself. And then even to top it off, Maryanne was going to the doctor and then getting antifungal creams like Lamisil. Then it would heal for a while and then it would not heal for a while. It would come back. So she couldn’t nail the nail infection. Pardon the pun. She couldn’t nail that in particular. That was just there the whole time.
Tea tree oil really worked, but the breakthrough is when we work with the Canxida antifungal product. When I work with that product, which I developed, on her gut quite powerfully. And at the same time, removed the alcohol and the primary causes from the diet. That’s when we started to get the breakthrough. And the lifestyle changes made it even better. She looked after her feet to a higher degree. We got a fantastic breakthrough then. And now the woman’s at the point where she’s almost recovered. We’re talking a lady who almost required foot surgery because the feet were so bad, and we’ve got a completely different ballgame. She still wears gumboots. She’s got three pairs now of these rubber boots. She rotates them. She’ll put tea tree oil in them at times. And she won’t wear the same boots every day, which is a good thing to do. The other tip I got her to do is to soak the boots in ocean water and salt water every couple of weeks.