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The Gluten Candida Link: Is There A Link Between Candida and Gluten?

The Gluten Candida Link: Is There A Link Between Candida and Gluten?

Is there any link between gluten and candida? Can one cause the other?

What’s the link? How come when I eat gluten, I feel pretty bad when I have Candida.” Some people feel bad, some people don’t feel bad. Let’s talk a little bit about gluten and about Candida Albicans in general. Many people I see who have a Candida issue tend to automatically believe that they’ve got a gluten problem.

Gluten is a protein, and there are many different types of proteins found in wheat. Not just in wheat and grains, in general, but many foods contain proteins, and these proteins can potentially stimulate antibody production. It’s nearly always the protein foods that are linked with food allergies of some sort, in my experience anyway.

What happened back in 2003? A few researchers discovered something very interesting. They discovered that Candida Albicans, the most common form of Candida, has got many different types of proteins on its cell wall. As you know, Candida can be in a yeast form, and Candida can be in a fungal form. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to trip that invasive fungal form to help that conversion from yeast to fungal form. What really can stimulate that aggressive growth of Candida into its virulent form is the use of antibiotics or antacids or a high sugar diet or high stress. A person who’s got prolonged cortisol problems or prolonged stress can often have noticed that their Candida can really take off.

Candida can swing from this yeast form into this bad fungal form. We call it hyphenated form with many different types of filaments and threads that really help to encourage and spread the growth of Candida. It’s this hyphal form-this fungal form in particular that has this protein on its cell wall. HPW-1 is the name of this particular protein that they found.

This hyphal wall protein found on the surface of Candida is very similar to gluten proteins. In fact, it fuels the immune system. When you get a lot of yeast in the gut, particular in the small intestine, and its starts to adhere to the intestinal wall and the immune system starts noting this, especially if you’ve got leaky gut, the immune system will start to attack this protein, and build antibodies against this HPW-1. When it does that, unfortunately because the gluten protein is so similar, it can also attack the gluten protein, and then create an antibody response. This is why some people with bad Candida can notice a hugely bad gluten problem.

Or why I’ve had so many people who tell me that they’ve had antibiotics, and since then they can’t tolerate wheat anymore or gluten makes them feel sick. I can tell you now, once you get Candida under control and you reduce the amount in the body, you clean it up, you’ll be able to tolerate gluten again. Because you’ve got celiac, which is I believe one to two percent of the population. Then you’ve got non-celiac people who react to gluten. And I believe there’s a huge link between not just Candida but also bad bacteria and parasites and gluten intolerance.

It’s true that many foods today contain much higher levels of gluten than they have in the past, but it’s also a fair assumption to make that people today eat far too much sugar and have too many foods containing antibiotics and crappy chemicals in them that damage our gut. Everybody takes pharmaceutical drugs. Everybody drinks fizzy drinks. So when we’re leading this kind of lifestyle plus in the last decade, stress has gone through the roof. People’s cortisol levels are compromised. If you add that combination, that toxic combination of increased pharmaceutical drugs, increased sugars, high fructose corn syrup, just white sugar, in general, increased stress, it’s no wonder that people are reacting to gluten.

And alcohol. Let’s throw alcohol in there, too. Because alcohol is one of the biggest contributors to leaky gut. Is Candida responsible for gluten intolerance? No, it’s not, but it can exacerbate an underlying problem. If you want to go back and enjoy gluten again, which most of you can’t who are watching this video, you need to get the gut cleaned up. Try to clear out any Candida in the body, any overgrowth of Candida. Try to get the beneficial bacteria back to normal. Try to reduce your parasite load. Obviously try to get rid of the pharmaceuticals and the lifestyle, the stress and the sugars that contribute to this high Candida load.

I believe that most people can tolerate gluten. Naturally in reasonable amounts. Once the digestive system is repaired, you will be able to go back to those kinds of foods again. Is there a link between gluten and Candida? There is certainly some kind of a relationship there. It’s important to point out that I know that some people are going to watch this video and say, “Well, Eric’s wrong. Gluten’s toxic.” I don’t believe it is. I think anything’s toxic in too much amount. If you’ve got a good healthy digestive system like mine, you can tolerate gluten.