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COVID19 Update: 4 Medicines Found in Your Medicine Cabinet #covid-19

COVID19 Update: 4 Medicines Found in Your Medicine Cabinet #covid-19

This video is informational and covers the research on medications you might find in your medicine cabinet. I was going to look at those medications used in the hospitals, but that isn’t going to do me much good because if I’m going to the hospital, I’m in a lot of trouble. So, I’ve been spending the last few months scouring the data for medications that are commonly available and can be used at home. I found four. There was a statistical study done that indicated there is a potential of an additional 4 or 5 medications currently available, but no research has been done on them.

I do Chinese Medicine and China has shown great results with a couple herbal formulas. I would have been o.k. with that except, the key herb I need is not available. I don’t think it is being exported right now. So, this episode is geared towards you and me, ordinary people trying to survive an extraordinary event. What’s really neat is one of these drugs we are starting to see used commonly in hospital treatments. Another one of these medications is in clinic trial in Mississippi after having great efficacy on severe and critically ill in hospital settings. Right now, the research indicates these four common medications that might find in your medicine cabinet can help reduce the symptoms and severity of COVID19. Links to all the research and some of the articles is listed below. O.k. good-luck you guys and stay safe.

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Chemical & Engineering News called “Can Pecid treat Covid-19.”

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