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Gut parasite – candida – rope worm

Gut parasite – candida – rope worm

Warning! this video might be difficult to watch for those who are sensitive to see a parasite. I am also very sorry for using fork, as some people found that odd (Please don’t watch it while eating!). I am just a person who struggled with health problems and I want to show others what kind of strange stuff sits in human gut and causes health problems. It was very helpful for me to find out that other people also seen these “things” coming out when they did different kinds of cleansing (not only enemas). After 1.5 years cleansing these “parasites” still come out (after coffee enema). However, my health profoundly improved! I have not been ill since I started this treatment. No cold, flu, or even running nose! Chronic fatigue is also gone ! So I am extremely happy person now! … and I keep cleansing 🙂

The content shown in this video might be classified as: candida related fungus, rope worm or seaweed parasite. It has been classified as NORMAL by academic (traditional) medicine (after lab test).

This is the “stuff” which came out after coffee enema (liver detox and gut cleansing). Coffee enema is a part of Gerson Therapy – the alternative way of healing chronic diseases and cancer.

Sometimes people might have an inherited lack of candida resistance:
Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis (CMC)

The new parasite, called rope worm, or seaweed parasite has been described by Alex A. Volinsky, Nikolai V. Gubarev, Galina M. Orlovskaya, Elena V. Marchenko

This recently discovered parasite might be related to the following illnesses:

– Autism
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Headaches
– Leaky gut
– Chronic fatigue
– Regularly bloated belly
– Belly ache and strange sounds in the gut
– Hormonal imbalance
– Thrush (vaginal and in the mouth, white layer on the tongue)
– Fungal infections (e.g. nail – Athlete’s foot)
– Candida overgrowth
– Regular bladder infections
– Lack of libido
– Irregular periods (or lack)
– Multiple food intolerance (especially milk, wheat, yeast)
– Sugar cravings
– Overweight or underweight
– Lowered body temperature (cold feet and hands)
– Dry skin
– Vitiligo (white patches – lack of pigment)
– Eczema
– Unpleasant smell of the skin
– Sinus pain
– Ear infections
– Dry cough
– Thick phlegm
– Shallow breathing
– Regular respiratory infections
– Asthma
– Thyroid imbalance (e.g. under-active)