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How Do I Know My Candida Levels Are Balanced After Taking CanXida?

How Do I Know My Candida Levels Are Balanced After Taking CanXida?

Greetings, I am Eric Bakker, a Naturopath from New Zealand and I make gut related videos!

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Greetings, it’s Eric Bakker, a naturopath from New Zealand. Thank you for looking at the channel. If you’re a newbie and the first time you’ve checked out the channel, please have a look at the playlist. There are, I think, over 2,000 videos on this channel now. There’s a lot of information here for you to go by and check out. Okay. If you type in a question, something you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a video on it.

Right, what’s the question? How do I know my Candida levels have become balanced after taking CanXida?

Well, generally you’ll know by a less severe symptoms. So look at the signs, look at the symptoms, look at how you’re feeling basically. So a clever thing I’ve always encouraged patients to do when they saw my clinic was to write down their symptoms. All right.