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Struggling With Inflammation Is It Candida?

Struggling With Inflammation Is It Candida?

Is inflammation linked with Candida? Find out…

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Greetings. Eric Bakker from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. I got a question here from a lady in France in the EU region. This lady is asking me, Eric, I’m constantly struggling with inflammation pains. Could it be candida?

Inflammation is something that the immune system does to help repair and heal the body. Chemicals are produced by white blood cells for many reasons. These can escalate or increase the amount of redness in a particular area, for example. Chemicals will come to clean up a bit of a mess. I wrote about this in Candida Crusher, a little bit about what happens when house cleaning occurs in the body.

If you’ve got a lot of inflammation or pain in the body, it is certainly worth checking out if you’ve got any food allergies, for example. Are you eating any foods that are causing untoward reactions? Are you using any personal care products that could be causing problems? More importantly, what’s the digestive system like? What is the balance of bacteria in the gut like? Have you got any fungi in there? Is there any yeast, for example? Have you got a bad bacteria? Are there parasites in there? You might need to do a bit of testing. You might need to do a little bit of a diet change. You maybe take some supplements to clean the gut up and get that balance back again.

Check out my Canxida Remove product because that will really help to clean the gut right up and get rid of a lot of parasites and fungal and junk that are in the gut. Canxida Restore is going to help restore the digestive system and improve the ability for the stomach, and pancreas, and small bowel, to really help to break food down properly. Stop fermentation disposes and gas and things like that. There’s probiotics in there that will help to really get the good bugs happening again lower down in the digestive track. Canxida should help a lot with the inflammation.

Inflammation is also something that you may want to check out with a blood test if you’re getting joint pain, for example, or various other pains in the periphery of the body. You may have elevated markers that could do with a bit of attention.

There’s no quick easy answer for inflammation, but it does need a bit of investigation. If you think it’s internal, stool testing might be good. If you think it’s external, than periphery blood testing might be good. Either way, try and find the source and the reason why you have inflammation. It needs checking out. Often a problem in one part of the body will lead to a problem in another part of the body. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for checking out this video. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want my free candida report. Thank you.