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Easy Treatment for Fungal Infection|दाग खुजली से बचने के आसन तारिके

Easy Treatment for Fungal Infection|दाग खुजली से बचने के आसन तारिके

Dr Mudasir Khan , MBBS MD (UK Cardiff ) is director of Lush skin and hair clinic , New Delhi. With over 25 years of experience in the field of medicine. Dr Khan has international as well as national experience. Her degree and experience helps to give the patient the best possible care.
She balances scientific dermatology with art of cosmetology to give best cosmetic results to the patient.
Besides treating common skin problems like Fungal Skin Infection , skin Eczema , Psoriasis , Pigmentation , Alopecia Areata , Androgenic Alopecia , Female Pattern Hair Loss, Warts Cysts , Acne , Acne Scars , Keloids , Milia and White Patches.

She is highly experienced in doing cosmetic procedures like Fillers , Botox , Thread Lifts and other Cosmetic Procedures

For any further consultation or appointment you can contact her on whatsap her on 8800798697
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