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Nutrient Robbers, The Art of Absorption with Trichologist

Nutrient Robbers, The Art of Absorption with Trichologist

Nutrient Robbers, The Art of Absorption with Trichologist

There are certain foods that are nutrient robbers no matter what you eat them with. They are modern wheat and gluten, dairy, processed sugar and GMO foods. Modern wheat has been modified unless it is labelled otherwise and contains gluten which causes and inflammatory response in every human, it is the symptoms that vary. There is so much scientific evidence of the damaging effect gluten has in the body and particularly the digestive system, it is surprising many still don’t know the deep damage that is happening to the body every time gluten is consumed.

Someone diagnosed with celiac disease has a major allergic reaction to even one grain of gluten and the terrible side effect can continue for up to 3 months after the exposure. Many test negative for celiac disease, but we are all having serious consequences from consuming gluten. A Harvard university study tested 4 groups of people, celiac, gluten intolerant, gluten sensitive and so called normal whom have no symptoms after consuming gluten, the study found the exact same inflammatory response was occurring in all 4 groups, it was just the symptoms that varied. Those with no symptoms have been linked to dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and many other autoimmune conditions up to 20 years later.

Nutrient Robbers, The Art of Absorption with Trichologist:
• Certain foods are nutrient robbers
• Modern wheat, gluten, dairy, processed sugar, and GMO foods
• Common GMO crops are corn and soy

• Look for other names for sugar, Dextrose, Fructose, Galactose, Glucose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose

For the sake of absorption, GMO gluten is a nutrient robber for everyone, creating inflammation and breaking down methylation pathways required for natural detoxification. It is not doing anyone any favours and is also addictive. Gluten can be found not only in wheat but many other grains, I would first suggest avoiding GMO gluten but if symptoms persist, look at becoming grain free. Oats are traditionally gluten free however cross contamination with gluten is common because of storage and transportation with other grains.

Other common GMO crops are corn and soy, both should be avoided because of the damaging properties. Be careful and read your labels, corn and soy are called all sorts of names such as xanthan gum, natural flavours, cellulose, oil/cooking oils, shortening and more, all have the same damaging effect. GMO’s can also mimic our hormones creating all types of cascading health problems, there is nothing good about it at all. Look for organic and GMO free and if your favourite products are not labelled accordingly, contact the company, and ask some questions.

Dairy, particularly modern milk, and milk products such as cream, sour cream, cream cheese all contain milk proteins lactose and casein. These proteins are to build baby cows into big cows and are indigestible by a human, even if you are not lactose intolerant. They cause inflammation and also malabsorption every time consumed so should be avoided for the sake of absorption. Organic butter, ghee and good quality pure cheeses are an exception in moderation if using all the other rules of food combining.

Processed sugar, the man-made kind is also a robber, adding no nutritional benefit, it feeds bad bacteria, candida, yeast, parasites, and cancer. It is addictive and is usually combined with nutrient voids foods. Sugar provides false energy, can spike insulin, and is commonly associated with type 2 diabetes. Any healthy diet should avoid processed sugar and all the food like products that contain them. Instead use natural sugars that will not harm and some also have nutritional benefit such as organic honey, coconut sugar (in moderation), stevia, monk fruit, and real fruit. Interesting to note here that sugar cravings are related to mineral deficiency, not sugar deficiency. A good wholefood way of eating along with supplementation where required, will curb, and then rid you of the sugar craving. For more information on Nutrient Robbers, The Art of Absorption with Trichologist, email Absolique Trichologist Carolyn at share your hair loss, hair thinning or scalp concerns. Ask for free copy of the Art of Absorption or find it in our June 2020 newsletter.

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