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Healing narcissistic abuse stress cause of Candida symptoms

Healing narcissistic abuse stress cause of Candida symptoms

– healing dysfunctional relationships is key to healing candida
– the wounded empath has a lot of trauma around control and neglect abuse
– heal the stressful relationship in your life by first identifying who causes you the most stress
– health is a loss of power
– when you reclaim parts of your shadow psyche you can heal faster
– when you feel more confused and not great after an interaction; it could mean you are losing yourself, your boundaries, your power
– a lot of dysfunctional processes are unconscious
– your candida symptoms is an awakening path for empaths to be your true self

– identify the symptom
– become aware that you are controlling or that something or someone is controlling you right now
– scattered energy comes from narcissistic abuse and gaslighting
– releasing control, reclaiming power, integrating the shadow
– get in your body, release the resistance and trust the moment of life

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