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How to clear yeast infections, Candida, BV.

How to clear yeast infections, Candida, BV.

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Hey guys, so this video was requested. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I already talk a lot about gut flora and candida, etc. These are simple hacks and lifestyle changes you can make to never have to worry about reoccurring yeast infections again. Please refer to my IG for all the benefits of the items I talked about in the video.

**Also something I didn’t mention was to always wipe front to back when you use the bathroom. Don’t get fecal matter in your vaginal area.

** Please remember that some yeast infections will lead to BV if left untreated.

** Garlic Application- 1 Clove with the clear sleeve left on it, poke a hole in it but not too many. Lubricate it with coconut oil and insert it before bed, 3-7 nights. Take it out in the am. The smell of garlic will naturally go away, but of course, take a shower.

Tea Tree Oil Suppositories- These work just like monostait, but they are more natural.

They are cheaper on amazon —Probiotics


Food Grade Turpentine

Oil of Oregano (make sure you get 100%)

Pau D’Arco Herb

Active ingredient is Lapachol

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