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Zakaos Tones + Super Fungus Killer and Blood Flow for Candida,Cancer,Fungus,Ashtma,Chem trails Detox

Zakaos Tones + Super Fungus Killer and Blood Flow for Candida,Cancer,Fungus,Ashtma,Chem trails Detox

I put this tone together for rapid healing and with the rapid healing frequency and to block out V2K , Radiation Tv mind control frequency blockers from smart meters and it also comes from many other sources . I also put all known Candida healing tones and Cancer Parasites killers , Fungus killer tones , 528 hz ( the tone for miracles and healing and love ) Orogone frequency to convert all radiation around you and this tone to positive radiation to heal the body and the 7.8 is great for restoring food to its highest property in healing frequency and more . I also put cancer immune booster and Blood flow for people who have congestion and breathing problems . Cancer is a fungus and it is used a a key soft killing mechanism in chem trailing / the government spoofer spraying soft killing physiological warfare secret agenda .The Agenda known as Agenda 21 from the U.N. It is a world depopulation black operation ( SOFT KILL!!! ) . I made this to kill cancer at the root core of it . I really know this will help people with cancer and candida and most fungal infections .

Zakaos Tones + Super Fungus Killer and Blood Flow for Candida,Cancer,Fungus,Ashtma,Chem trails Detox ( Free Mp3 Down Load link )

Zakaos Tone 2 + V2K , Radiation , Tv Blocker + Cancer , Parasites , Fungus , Chem Trail Breathing

This is the mp3 of this tone .

This is a frequency you can play at the same time at a lower volume or the same . Just use two media players or a dj Mixing program ext or mixed them and record them and make one wave or mp3 ext . Oh and turn off the Wifi or burn a Cd and try to play from a non internet device ext for best results . This tone specifically blocks out radiation and V2k ext and also is a 14 + compressed tone I made from years of studying the rife and the Government and physiological warfare .They reversed engineered the Rife technology and used it for mind control and to soft kill . .They even banned the sale of Rifes in America . The person who sold my family a rife is in jail for 50 years for the sale of the Rife . Dr Royal Rife created it to heal people and was the creator of the micro biotic telescope ( the first telescope to look into a cell ) and they stole it and tried to keep it from the world . This is the link to down load this tone for free on my drive .

Zakaos Tone + V2k SD. Meter Blocker 1 + Body , Mind , Healing Oils and more .…

Detox Bath and Steam healing after Rife binural tone treatments .

It is best to do this 2 to 3 times week if your using the Tones frequently and want to see rapid results and healing . Also is is really good to run hot water on the bottom of your feet before the massage . Also after the detox bath massaging these points really help break up built up bacteria ext in the body .

To achieve best results with these tones you need to take detox baths twice a week if you using them weekly or after a session . The best detox bath according to Royal Rife after using a Rife . Two cups of backing soda , two cups of Epson salt ( if you do not have it Ionized salt is a good alternative ) a half of a cup of peroxide . Run a hot bath and stay in it at least 20 min . After the bath take a shower with out soap ( do not use soap !!! ) Run hot water ( as hot as you can stand the heat ) on you shoulders and the places were you are infected ext . Then make sure you run hot water on the bottom of you feet in rotation to stimulate all the nerves in your body and to help break up any infection in the body . Allow your self 30 to a hour to do nothing because you will feel faint and sweat a lot and maybe even feel sick .It is also best to do this naked and sweat out the toxins on a towel because you releasing toxins from the body that has been in you for a long time and you do not want to get those toxins on the close you were . That just defeats the purpose of cleansing the body . This is normal and you know your healing and ridding your body of toxins .

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