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Candida Diets Facts #Candida #Yeast #Candidiasis

Candida Diets Facts #Candida #Yeast #Candidiasis

#Candida #Yeast #Candidiasis

Candida Cleanse: Candidiasis Cleansing To Remove Yeast Infections

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#Candida #Yeast #Candidiasis

One of the most epidemic conditions affecting millions of people at any given time is human yeast overgrowth. For many, this manifests as a localized yeast infection, often of the genital urinary tract. Yeast overgrowth can also occur in the digestive system, which can cause a variety of digestive disturbances and issues. The most common yeast overgrowth is an organism called Candida Albicans. This organism is present in all human beings in their digestive tract and it is only when the organism is allowed to multiply excessively that it presents a problem. The reason why this organism can explosively multiply is through such situations as antibiotic use or abuse, steroid medications, birth control medications, or sexual transmission.

These overgrowths are often brought under control by increasing probiotic supplements and other digestive support. There is another situation that can develop, which can produce a far more serious and debilitating condition. This is what we call systemic candidiasis. Once the yeast escapes the digestive system and gets into the bloodstream it can travel throughout the body and take up residence in various locations, the most common of which include the lungs, the sinuses, and even the brain. Once a yeast situation has become systemic in nature all the conventional methods of addressing yeast infections such as caprylic acid, garlic, probiotics, and others, have little or no effect because they cannot reach the outlying areas where the yeast is now growing. Once this situation has developed, we need to look at ways that we can systemically address yeast overgrowth.

The best Candida Cleanse for systemic Candida treatment would include increasing the oxygen level of the blood and soft tissues of the body. So-called Candida diets may reduce symptoms of systemic Candida but will not provide lasting relief or elimination if the yeast problem has become systemic in nature. For decades people have turned to using food grade hydrogen peroxide, which was very effective but very difficult to use and potentially harmful.

Buffered forms of oxygen have been developed, which can provide the same potential benefits but without the caustic side effects. Liquid oxygen supplements that provide buffered oral oxygen can provide yeast infection relief and are an excellent way to treat Candida overgrowth. Unfortunately, many health professionals still do not fully understand the differences between localized yeast overgrowth and systemic candidiasis. What may work well for localized yeast will almost invariably be ineffective for a systemic situation. Oxygen is what we refer to as the universal detoxifier therefore it can provide a body cleanse, a detox, and facilitate in eliminating systemic yeast overgrowth at the same time. It is estimated that one in three women and one in five men have some form of yeast overgrowth at any given time. Since the organism may be transferred sexually, it can be a difficult situation to control. When you are looking for ways how to treat Candida if your yeast problem has become systemic you should look to oral oxygen as a way of addressing this potentially serious and debilitating situation.

Those suffering from both localized and especially systemic candidiasis often find that they gain excess weight and can have a difficult time to lose it.

The best solution for this problem is to get your Candida overgrowth under control as soon as possible but in the meantime, there are ways that we can stimulate your metabolism safely and effectively to help start the weight loss process.

By working with our Candida Cleansing Research Center, we can help design not only a program for eliminating yeast overgrowth but maximizing weight loss as well. So, in addition to taking our Candida Evaluation, if you are significantly overweight you might want to consider taking our Weight Management Evaluation as well. This will arm us with the information we need about your body type in order to best design a program that will work during the Candida Flush as well is afterwards. Check back next week for more information about The Candida Diet and how it will not work like it should.

Oral oxygen has proven to be very effective in eliminating yeast infections and candida. Candida diets do not eliminate candida or yeast. Candida diets help reduce the symptoms of candida or yeast, but will not cure the problem. When oral oxygen is used candida diets become unnecessary. The most common causes of systemic yeast overgrowth include the use and abuse of antibiotics for such things as acne, staph infections and other bacterial problems.