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Remedying Candida Yeast Infections via Olive Leaf Extract

Remedying Candida Yeast Infections via Olive Leaf Extract – Candida Hub’s article explaining how olive leaf extract for Candida works. Also visit the site to find out about a natural, 12 hour cure for yeast infections that will also keep them gone for good!

Olive leaf extract is a potent antifungal that can help to get rid of a yeast infection. This remedy alone may not be able to completely do the job for you; but, it should help to some extent. Olive leaf extract (OLE) is able to stop the growth of Candida and even kill it. So, it would make a great addition to say, a douche, or coconut oil you use in your vagina. This may not be the fastest way to treat a yeast infection; and to get rid of one it might take several days or more to fully work. Yet, it is going to be safe to take at reasonable dosages (for more on dosages for this extract, see the full explanation via the link above).

As research indicates, concentrations of 5 mg / mL of OLE are sufficient to radically reduce the growth of Candida. But, the way the extract was produced may greatly skew how well this substance performs. Thus, certain OLE may have very reduced ability to fight off Candida. Although this may be rare, don’t be surprised if you have used this in the past and it did not work. One study we discuss on the explanation linked to above, describes that their study of how OLE worked was quite weak. The authors suggested that a potential reason for this was the manufacturing process that produced the OLE. Thus, the way OLE is made might be a significant factor to consider.

Also, beware that OLE contains oleuropein, which is a very bitter tasting substance. So, if you plan on ingesting OLE, know that the level of this phytochemical will determine how bitter it will taste. One author suggest this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an OLE! And, it will be easy to locate a good OLE; you just may need to do some digging and research on these various OLEs! Although suggesting a particular OLE is beyond the scope of our article on Candida Hub; you can use the information provided therein to help augment your existing acumen on selecting such a cure. And, don’t forget about OLE pills; taking a few each day could possibly help to reduce the risk of intestinal infections and combat gut Candida overgrowth.

If you’d like to find out more about some other home remedies for Candida infections; Candida Hub has a lot of information on these available. All it takes is some time to check out the information provided for you! You will be able to find a vast amount of information regarding natural remedies like extracts, coconut oil, essential oils, herbs, and more. Soap is not your only avenue when it comes to getting rid of a yeast infection. There are a lot more ways to take care of this annoying health problem; so opt for something much better than soap.

If you would like to learn about some of the fastest, natural ways to get rid of a yeast infection in about 12 hours time, you can find out about these treatments on Candida Hub. This article linked to in this description talks a lot about this all-natural, safe 12 cure for yeast infections. If this seems like something you’d like to learn more about, simply check out our link to Candida Hub and you can find out a lot more!

And, if you’d like to find out about essential oils, herbs, and other natural items you can use to treat a yeast infection, Candida Hub has a vast amount of information on these topics. There is a lot of scientific journal studies and other publications utilized to bring you this information; feel free to dig in and read the sources of each article!

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