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Can Swelling be caused by Candida Yeast (Thrush Edema)?

Can Swelling be caused by Candida Yeast (Thrush Edema)? – Candida Hub’s article explaining a yeast infection causes swelling. Also visit the site to find out about a natural, 12 hour cure for yeast infections that will also keep them gone for good!

So, does a yeast infection cause swelling? YES! A yeast infection can cause swelling in the groin and anal areas of the body. So, if you have swelling in one of these areas or both, it may be due to the microscopic yeast Candida. Swelling alone may often not be that indicative of a Candida problem; as there are perhaps a huge amount of maladies that can create swelling (i.e., edema) in tissues. But, if you have other symptoms in the same area, like intense itching, soreness, reddened skin (erythema), and possibly small cracks in the skin, it may greatly raise the probability that your swelling is in fact caused by a yeast infection. We talk a lot about symptoms and signs of yeast infections on Candida Hub; and there a few classic symptoms that are used by professionals to indicate the possibility of Candidiasis (i.e., a yeast infection).

If you are a woman, a good indicator that you have a vaginal yeast infection can be swelling of the vulva. Vulvar swelling is certainly something to look out for when you suspect your vaginal problems are related to yeast overgrowth. Don’t worry too much if you do have vaginal swelling, as the swelling should go down and go away after you get rid of your yeast infection–assuming you have no other problem that would keep it there. Once the Candida is cleared up, any swelling due to this microscopic fungus should retreat as well!

So, no you are not alone in having this symptom, edema due to thrush is quite common. But, again, if all you are seeing is a swollen area on the genitals or in the anal region, this almost certainly does not mean you’ve got a yeast infection. One key thing to look for along with swelling are white patches in the vaginal canal or elsewhere. Candida, when enough is present, looks like white material on the skin. When these patches are scrapped, bleeding can occur. And, if you have a vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese, this is also another great indicator of Candida overgrowth.

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