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Nano Silver for Candida and Magnetic North Pole Migration for Galen: September 02, 2020

Nano Silver for Candida and Magnetic North Pole Migration for Galen: September 02, 2020

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Nano Silver for Candida and Magnetic North Pole Migration
Written by Galen and Terral
Hi Galen: Watch Terral’s Special Report Video:
Thank you for writing.
On Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 6:32 PM Galen wrote:
Hello Terral,

My silver will soon be here!
I have a few questions though.
1) This product is a colloidal process with the addition of the magnetic mixer I believe,
Do we think that the ions are coalesce due to the centrifugal action of the mixer?
Do we think that the result is Ag4? Nano Silver (5 nanometer size) is nothing like Colloidal Silver that has much larger particles of the 80-100 nanometer size. Colloidal Silver has no capping agent that causes the particles to settle to the bottom of the distilled water requiring constant stirring before doses with a very short shelf life. Nano Silver has an exceptionally long shelf life when kept in a dark place at room temperature. The chemical formula for your Nano Silver is provided in the instructions.

2) I saw your doctor video on the effects of silver on Canada in the video.
What is your experience and dosage that you have used on the Canada?
I believe you are referring to Candida (fungal overgrowth). I use higher doses of Nano Silver in combination with keeping sodium borate in my drinking water (three pinches spread throughout the day) and also use a combination of Nano Silver and sodium borate topically, until the visible symptoms disappear. Shedding the fungus causes us to have flu-like symptoms that are normal when killing bad bacteria, fungi, and any virus.
3) are you still using the washing soda in your water each day?
I believe you are referring to sodium borate. Yes.
4) How are you doing these days?
Currently my workload is very heavy requiring me to work on one project or another from waking up in the morning to retiring in the evening particularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Take your time, I have purchased a silversol product to start the process off.
I know you will make a good product , It is your nature.
Amen, brother.


P.S. the compass is steady just East of North, It has been that way since the last email.
This is the first year in a long time where the needle has not found sway during the transition points on your calendar.
All four primary Superplume buoyancy-barrier corridors (loaded with magnetite) have pushed into the Atlantic Ocean, as the Superplume grows out of control to eventually fill the entire earth mantle transition zone. The bottom line is that rapid magnetic North Pole migration takes place during the transition period connected to the Superplume reaching arms (buoyancy-barrier corridors) around our planet..
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“Nano Silver is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral solution that should be part of everyone’s survival strategy for when the crap hits the fan and there is no access to doctors and the local pharmacy. Even a cut and become infected and lead to a life-threatening situation without this natural means of defense against bacterial-fungal-viral infections.”
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